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Improve your customer intimacy by understanding demand windows

Success today comes from not only knowing who your customers are, but also why they buy.  It’s not enough to know your customers’ demographics (e.g., adults aged18-54) and category behaviors (what they currently buy, what products/brands they use).  Even knowing your customers’  economic value (e.g., customers who spend $500+ in our category, companies that have more than 100 employees, etc.) isn’t as revealing as understanding what drives them to make a purchase.  To understand customers’ motives — to improve your customer intimacy — you need to identify demand windo

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How to Engage Employees in Your Customer Experience Strategy

I originally wrote today's post for Clicktools. It appeared on their blog on August 29, 2016.

Quite simply: without employees, you have no customer experience.

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Artificial Intelligence Is Your Next Sustainable Competitive Advantage. Let’s Start With The Black Box.

For decades, companies have been searching for sustainable competitive advantages—but not many can claim that they have achieved this. Now, one big opportunity lies ahead of us and the race has only just begun. Artificial intelligence and deep learning is powering up the next level of digital transformation. Those who can transform their organization beyond simply adapting technologies and focus instead on changing the work culture and processes to being digital first will be in better positions. It has become apparent that AI may very well be part of the solution to achieving this.

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How a total value proposition sets the stage for true customer-centricity

Cindy Barnes passion for genuine customer-centricity in business has made her a great business innovator and strategist. She is now leading Futurecurve after a prolific career in engineering and as Practice Leader at CapGemini. We are honoured to publish her guest post in our blog, dedicated to the “total value proposition” as the best way to create real customer-centricity. It's another great perspective we can give to businesses on how to become more customer centric - and more profitable.” – Stefan Kolle, co-founder of FutureLab.

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What Motivates Employees?

What motivates you to go to work every morning?

What drives you to do good work every day? What motivates you to want to work for your employer every day? What are the things that your manager and your executives do that encourage you to work hard for them every day?

What motivates your staff? Do you even know? Have they ever shared with you what their motivators are? Have you ever asked them?

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Knowledge Summary: The Next Decade in Digital Transformation

A knowledge summary is a semi-long to a long post that synthesizes positions, concepts, and lessons learned around a topic.  They consist of a mix of primary research with ideas and frameworks I built based on conversations and working sessions.

This knowledge summary will focus on concepts you have to know to embrace digital transformation in the next decade.

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AI Is Causing Structural Changes In Industry Structures. This Is A 10 Year Race. Are You Ready?

We are experiencing the biggest disruption in business history since the introduction of computing and the internet. AI is broadly defined as machines that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, and complex decision-making. This definition, however, is not yet complete; the term will further evolve as we push the boundaries of cognitive computing and consultants race to invent new buzzwords.

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Take Action on Your Customer Data!

Are you taking action on your customer data?

I like to write about taking action and actionable insights because there's a serious lack of action when it comes to customer feedback. I've witnessed it for far too long.

I've written about this topic a few times in the last several months:

The Definition of #CX Insanity

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Purposeful Leadership

In today’s cluttered, uber-competitive, over-retailed, choice-overload world, your brand must have an clear, meaningful reason for being.  You need to play an invaluable, irreplaceable role in people’s lives.  Hope you enjoy is a collection of my resources on brand purpose and purposeful leadership.

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